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Pacific Northwest Organics is a family-owned company with over 20 years experience in bulk organic fertilizer manufacturing. We are dedicated to making high-grade, affordable products, registered for use in organic agriculture.

The PNW is known for making outstanding nutrients producing high yielding plants for agriculture and gardeners alike that is why our main ingredients are sourced locally and ecologically. Our company is passionate about making environmentally conscious products and guarantee we are making the very best products for plants, soil, people, and the earth.


All-purpose water-soluble concentrated plant food for all plants, flowers, vegetables, and trees. For all home, garden, and commercial growers.

  • icon FISH ON is hydrolyzed through a state of the art system leaving no wasted fish at the end of the process. All parts of fish are used including bone – increasing the calcium and phosphorous over other competitors.
  • icon Only wild caught pacific northwest fish – as many as 25 to 30 species for greater diversity and minerals.
  • icon NO OIL EXTRACTED – will not burn plants or trees and acts as a tremendous food base for microbial activity.
  • icon Feeds plants and soil resulting in LARGE, delicious, healthy, high producing plants.

KELP HELP is an all-purpose liquid auxiliary SOIL & PLANT substance made from Pacific Northwest bull kelp; Nereocystis luetkeana. Registered for use in Organic Production

  • icon Kelp Help, as a microbial food source, stimulates microbial activity to improve germination, growth, yields, product quality, reproduction, flavor, color, and many other desirable attributes.
  • icon Can be used as a root drench or a foliar.
  • icon Water soluble and taken up immediately through foliage and/or roots
  • icon Humic acid aids in nutrient uptake.
  • icon Processed with pure mountain spring water
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    Registered with CDFA - Organic Input Material (OIM) Program - To be used in Organic Crop and Food Production.

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    Registered with Washington State Department of Agriculture - For use in Organic Agriculture

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    Contains important nutrients to keep houseplants healthy and happy

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    For use for all plants, soils, and seeds.

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    Promotes stronger, healthier plants, better resistant to stress, and enhances production and crop appearance.


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